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Genus: Syngnathus, Pipefishes

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long snout
D 26-48
side body ridge straight, ends over anus
lower body & tail ridges joined
operculum - no longitudinal ridge
brood pouch under tail
A: 2-4
large C



Snout length variable; ridge along top of snout and head low, no ridges along side of snout; ridge along upper operculum ridge complete in juveniles, lacking or incomplete and low in adults; dorsal fin 26-49, fin low, its origin on trunk; anal fin 2-4; pectoral fin 10-17; no pelvic fins; tail fin typically 10; ridge along side of body ends at level near anus; upper ridge of body discontinuous with that of tail just behind dorsal fin; ridges along bottom of body and tail joined; body ridges not elevated; trunk rings 14-24, tail rings ~ 28-50; no skin flaps; male brood pouch under tail, its plates folded inwards.

A genus with about 35 species, which occurs on both side of the Atlantic, the western Indian ocean, the Mediterranean as well as the eastern Pacific. One species is endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific, with another seven species endemic to temperate waters in that area. One of the latter enters our area.