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Genus: Microphis, Pipefishes

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snout very long, slender
D 25-74
side body ridge joins lower tail ridge
lower body ridge ends at A
operculum ridges: 1 longitudinal, several oblique
brood pouch under trunk
A: tiny, 4
C: small, 9



Snout long & slender, a low ridge all along center; operculum with several ridges; dorsal 25-74 rays, origin on trunk; anal fin usually 4 rays; no pelvic fins; tail 9 rays; ridges along upper side of body and of tail not joined; ridge on midside of body joins ridge on lower side of tail; lower body ridge ends at level of anus; trunk rings 15-22, total rings 39-55; oval plates on side of body without longitudinal keels; male brood pouch under trunk, with vertical plates, no folds.

A circumtropical genus, with 18 species. One West Atlantic species evidently has passed through the Panama Canal to the tropical eastern Pacific.