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Genus: Cosmocampus, Pipefishes

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skin flaps near eye, on body
D 16-30
side body ridge straight, ends over anus
lower body & tail ridges joined
longitudinal ridge on operculum
brood pouch under tail
A: 2-4
C: small



Snout short to medium, with ridges on its side and top; operculum with longitudinal ridge angled up towards gill opening; dorsal 18-27 rays; anal 2-4 rays; no pelvic fins; tail 10 rays; upper trunk and tail ridges not joined; ridge on flank of body straight, ends near anus; lower trunk and tail ridges joined; main body ridges sometimes with spines at end of rings; usually with skin flaps; trunk rings 14-18; brood pouch under tail, with folds.

A circumtropical genus with 13 species; the tropical eastern Pacific contains one endemic species with three subspecies.