Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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Genus: Bryx, Pipefishes

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D 21-33
side body ridge straight, ends ~ over anus
lower body & tail ridges joined
operculum with longitudinal ridge
brood pouch under tail
no A
C small



Snout short, upturned, with low, finely serrated ridge along top; a ridge along top of operculum; dorsal 21-33 rays; pectoral 9-14 rays; no anal fin; no pelvic fins; tail fin 10 rays; 14-18 trunk rings; ridges on upper body and tail not joined; ridge on mid side of body straight, ends near anus; lower body ridge joins lower tail ridge; brood pouch under tail, with semi-overlapping plates.

This tropical genus with four species, is found in the eastern Pacific, the western Atlantic, the western Indian ocean and the Red Sea. One species found in the tropical eastern Pacific is endemic to that region.