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Genus: Doryrhamphus, Pipefishes

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snout long
D 16-30
side body ridge joins lower tail ridge
lower body ridge ends at A
operculum with ridge
brood pouch under trunk
A: 4
C: large



Snout with central spiny ridge, with or without 1-5 rows of spines on upper side; operculum usually with complete longitudinal ridge, often with extra ridges above and below; upper trunk and tail ridges not joined; lower trunk ridge ends at anus; ridge on flank of trunk joins lower tail ridge; trunk rings 14-20; 1st trunk ring much longer than second; main ridges of each ring with 1-2 spines at end; male brood pouch under trunk, without plates, with or without folds; dorsal fin origin on trunk; no skin flaps; dorsal rays 16-30; anal rays 4; pectoral fin with indented edge; tail fin large, 10 rays.

This tropical Indo-Pacific genus contains 9 species; one endemic to the TEP.