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Genus: Ogcocephalus, Batfishes

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snout with horn
pectoral separate from body
under tail dense prickles, few cones



Head depressed but elevated above disk; disc triangular; snout pointed, with a horn-like rostrum (short to very long) projecting well forward before eyes; fish-lure with 3 fleshy points, in a small cavity under horn; spine at lower rear corner of operculum blunt or little developed, or if large without spinelets; gill rakers are oval plates covered with small teeth; eyes on sides of head; gill openings small, behind upper base of pectoral fin; dorsal and anal fins small, at rear of body; pectoral and pelvic fins limb-like; pectorals completely separated from body; skin covered dorsal fin on tail, small fleshy anal fin under tail; top of body with large bucklers as well as conical spines; underside of body completely covered with pointed, bony scales; underside of tail densely covered with small prickles, with sometimes a few conical spines along midline.

This genus occurs on both side of the Atlantic and the eastern Pacific, with 14 species; represented in our region by 2 endemics.