Shorefishes of the Eastern Pacific online information system

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Genus: Aphos, Monkfishes

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LL: 4 front, 2 rear, no light organs
D1: II solid spines
opercle: 1 large solid spine
no scales





Body elongate, depressed at front, compressed at rear; head broad, depressed; eye small; mouth strongly oblique, lower jaw projecting; opercle with one large solid spine, preopercle without spines; first dorsal fin 2 solid spines, well separated from second dorsal; second dorsal with long base; anal fin with long base; lateral lines: anterior body with 4, only 2 at rear, top and bottom lines extending along bases of dorsal and anal fins; no light organs; no scales.

This genus contains a single species, which is endemic to southern temperate waters of the eastern Pacific, but enters the southern fringe of our region.