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Genus: Lepophidium, Cusk-Eels

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long, curved spine at front of snout
scales: small, round, normally overlapping, on body and rear of head
LL all body
pelvics: filaments, below eyes



Body elongate, eel-like, tapering at rear to a point at tail; head low, compressed; snout with well developed, curved spine at front; front nostril halfway between top lip and rear nostril; mouth large, broad, nearly horizontal; teeth on jaws small, simple, in bands, outer ones larger, no tooth patch on base of gill arches; pectorals on midside; pelvics each of two small threads inserted under eye; tail fin continuous with dorsal and anal; scales round, small, in regular rows; head extensively covered with regularly overlapping scales extending to between or before eyes, on cheeks and opercle; lateral line complete.

A genus of 23 species; occurring on both sides of the Americas. In our region there are 7 endemics.