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Genus: Rhencus, Grunts

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oblong, silvery
D XII, spines long, III longest, II < 1/2 III
operculum - dark blotch
pectoral long



Body oblong, depth 36-43% SL, strongly compressed; head 35-42% SL; snout 19-32% head; rear margin of bone under eye concealed by scales; mouth small to moderate size, inside not red, lips thin; chin with 2 pores at front plus a longitudinal groove; preopercle finely serrated, ventral serrations not forward pointing; dorsal fin XII (XI-XII),spines long (17-22% SL), 3rd longest, 2nd < 1/2 length of third, 12-13, weakly to moderately notched; pectoral fin very long, reaching anal origin; anal III, 7-8, 2nd spine usually much longer and thicker than 3rd; scales over entire body and head except front of snout, lips and chin; usually no scales on soft dorsal and anal fins; silvery with a dark blotch on opercle.

A genus with two species, both endemic to the TEP