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Family: AULORHYNCHIDAE, Tubesnout

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elongate, ~ cylindrical
D XXIV-XXVII isolated spines
D2 & A small, at rear
mouth small, at end long, flexible tube
no scales





Body elongate, slender, almost cylindrical; tail base very slender, depressed; head large, elongate; mouth small, horizontal, at the end of a long, flexible tubular snout that is ~1/2 head length; teeth in a single row on both jaws; roof of mouth toothless; nostrils with raised rim, well before eyes; dorsal fin consists of a set of XXIV-XXVII isolated, very short spines beginning above pectoral fin, soft dorsal (9-10) over and similar in size & form to anal fin (I, 9) both fins towards rear of body, oblong, with raised front; tail fin small, forked; pectoral fins (I,18, I) triangular, with indented rear edge; pelvics small, inserted just behind pectoral base, I, 5; no scales; lateral line complete, a series of short canals.

A family with a single species, from the NE Pacific.