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Genus: Lile, Piquitingas, Herrings

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silver stripe along side
mouth opens at front
lower jaws- oblique, straight sides
edge opercle no lobes
operculum: no canals
belly: strong ridge of keeled scutes
A short base, 13-20
pelvic 6

Elongate to moderately deep, compressed; mouth short, opens slightly up, oblique; top jaws without a central notch, with only 2 toothed bones, no back-pointing spine on top front corner of main top-jaw bone; rear border of gill opening on body evenly rounded, without 2 fleshy lobes on shoulder below opening; operculum without bony crests; anal fin short base, 13-20; pelvic fins on the abdomen, insert under center of dorsal fin base, i, 6; a forked tail fin; belly with strong keel of scutes; distinct silver stripe on flank.

A new world genus with 4 species, found on both sides of the Atlantic as well as our region; 3 representatives are endemic to our region.