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Genus: Idiastion, Scorpionfish

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head spines strong, multi-pointed
no pit behind eyes
ridge under eye 5-8 spines
scales rough
preopercle: 1st spine longest
pectoral: center point, + branched rays
LL complete





Body behind head deep, humpbacked; head very bony, with strongly developed spines, often with multiple points; without pit behind eyes; eyes large; longitudinal ridge under rear of eye with 5-8 spines; uppermost  of 4 preopercular spine separated from others and longest; teeth small, simple, on sides and front of roof of mouth; small slit behind last gill arch;  dorsal fin XII, 9.5; anal fin III, 5; pectoral with longest rays in center, 17-19 rays, ray 1 & bottom 7-9 rays unbranched, lower, unbranched rays fleshy, with free tips; scales mostly rough;  between eyes with or without scales; lateral line complete, with tubes on scales; small swim bladder.

A genus from the tropical Atlantic & Pacific with 3 species; one endemic in the TEP