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Family: CLUPEIDAE, Herrings, Menhadens, Pilchards, Piquitingas, Sardines, Shads, Thread-Herrings

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mouth opens at front, oblique, short
top jaw without central notch
top jaw bone with 2 bones above it
pelvics under D
belly with keel of scutes
A short, < 30, origin behind dorsal base



Fusiform, oval in cross-section; mouth short, ends before eye, usually opens at the front, or directed slightly up; top jaw rounded (without central notch) when viewed from above; side of top jawbone with TWO bones above it; jaw teeth small to minute; dorsal fin single, over the middle of the body, without a filament; a forked tail fin; pelvic fins on the abdomen below the dorsal fin; pectoral fins low on the side just behind the head; no fin spines; anal fin relatively short based, < 30 rays, its origin well behind dorsal fin base; usually a keel of scutes (hardened spiny scales) along the midline of the belly; scales smooth.

There are about 15 species in 7, 1 species in the tropical eastern Pacific.