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Family: CHIMAERIDAE, Shortnose Chimaeras

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snout short, blunt
with anal fin



Body compressed, elongate, tapering to a filamentous tail; head very large; snout short, round conical; eyes large, bright green; nostrils large, before mouth, connected to outer corner of mouth by a deep groove covered with a flap; mouth under head; teeth are plates, 2 pairs above, 1 pair below; gill opening before pectoral, covered by fleshy operculum; 2 separate dorsal fins; 1st dorsal fin large, triangular, erect, with a long spine at front; 2nd dorsal fin low, long based; anal fin present; pectoral fins broad, triangular; pelvic fins broad, triangular; tail fin elongate, lance-like, both lobes about equal in height ,with a whip-like rear filament; lateral line canals well developed, on head and body noticeably open; skin smooth, no scales; males with large, 2-3 pointed external sex organs.

Circumglobal; tropical to temperate (mostly); 3 genera with ~48 species.