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Genus: Hyporthodus, Groupers

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body relatively deep, oval, deepest at D origin
D X-XI, 13-15
teeth depressible
pelvics insert under/ before pectoral base
A 9



Body robust, relatively deep and oval, compressed, deepest at origin of dorsal fin; rear of top jaw exposed when mouth closed, without bony knob at lower rear corner; teeth depressible; sides of roof of mouth with teeth; operculum edge with 3 flat spines; preoperculum serrate, with larger serrae at angle; pectoral fin symmetrically rounded; dorsal fin X-XI, 13-15, length of base of soft part not longer than that of spiny part; anal fin III, 9; pelvic fins insert below or before the base of the pectoral fin; tail fin usually rounded; body scales rough or smooth.

A tropical genus that occurs in the Americas and Indo-Pacific, with about  14 species; 4 species in the TEP.