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Genus: Cryptotrema, Blennies

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simple cirri - nostril, eye, nape
D XXVII, 11-13; 1st 3 spines elongate, flexible
operculum - no spines
LL bends under D spine ~XX, front part 45-50 scales open under scales





Head and body compressed; mouth large, reaches under rear edge of pupil; conical teeth on both jaws, an enlarged outer row, and a inner band of small teeth; a single row of enlarged teeth on center and sides of roof of mouth;  a simple cirrus at nostril, above eye and on side of nape; operculum without spines; dorsal fin XXVII, 11-13, first 3 spines soft and flexible, remainder sharp and inflexible; principal tail fin rays branched; lateral line complete, front straight portion 45-50 scales,  bends down under ~spine XX-XXII of dorsal fin, all front pores open under scales; head, chest and belly without scales.

A NE Pacific genus with two species; one endemic to the northern Gulf of California.