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Genus: Schindleria, Infantfishes

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very elongate
large eyes
D at rear, 15-22 unbranched rays
C 13
bones incompletely developed
no pelvics
vertebral column end - a rod
no scales





Very small fishes (<2-4cm) that mature while still displaying larval characteristics; body transparent, strongly elongate (height ~7% of SL) and compressed; mouth oblique, reaches under eye; eyes large and bulging; numerous cartilaginous bones and dermal bones (eg the operculum) that are not fully developed; dorsal fin with long base, at rear of body, 15-22 unbranched fin rays; 11-17 anal fin rays; 11-18 pectoral rays; no pelvic fins; 13 main rays in bluntly triangular tail fin; 33-44 vertebrae with a long, rod-like structure at the end of the vertebral column; no scales.

Indo-Pacific, with nine species; although recent genetic analysis indicate that there are many more (see Randall 2007).