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Family: APLODACTYLIDAE, Marblefishes

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body elongate, oval
D deeply notched, XIV-XXIII
mouth small, thick top lips
pectoral - lower rays with thick, free tips
pelvic behind pectoral base
scales small, smooth





Body an elongate oblong, compressed; mouth small, a little under snout, top lips thick; jaw teeth are incisors, with 1-3 points; center of roof of mouth with or without teeth; preopercle smooth; operculum with a flat spine; dorsal fin deeply notched, XIV-XXIII, 16-21; anal fin III, 6-10; pelvics I, 5, inserted well behind pectoral base; lowermost pectoral rays undivided, with free, thickened exposed tips; scales small, smooth, > 75 in lateral series; many small scales on cheek and operculum.

The family contains a single, south temperate (Australia to S America) genus with 5 species; one temperate S American species to the fringe of our area.