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Genus: Awaous, River Gobies

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bottom of head & body flattened
head broad, depressed
mouth under snout
front roof mouth - no teeth
2-3 papillae under gill cover
pelvics in disc
all body scaled





Medium to large gobies (to ~40cm); head broad, depressed; snout blunt; head and body flattened on bottom; eyes small, close together, a pair of pores above front margin; mouth a little under snout; jaw teeth slender, long, none on front of roof of mouth; 2-3 elongate papillae on shoulder girdle under gill cover; gill membranes broadly joined to body under throat, with 5 rays; first dorsal fin VI; length of 2nd dorsal base > distance from 2nd dorsal base to tail fin; pelvic fins fused into a disk, tail fin rounded; scales on entire body, rough or smooth; no lateral line.

The genus is found in all oceans, in coastal and river systems. It contains 13 species, one entering brackish water in our area.