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Genus: Japonoconger, Conger Eels

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lower lip - narrow flange
D origin before pectoral base
D & A rays segmented
tail > 60% TL, tip soft, flexible
jaws: upper front teeth in separate patch
vomer: long, broad tooth patch
pectoral base extends above gill opening



Body moderately elongate; head and trunk < 40% of TL; snout projects beyond lower jaw and beyond front teeth of top jaws; front nostril tubular, near tip of snout, pointing forward and down; rear nostril elliptical, in front of mid-eye; narrow flange on side of lower lip, no flange on top lip; jaws broad, curved at rear; teeth small, conical, in bands on jaws; patch of teeth on center of roof of mouth wide, long, at least ½ length of band on top jaw; patch at front of top jaws separated by a distinct gap from bands on sides of jaws; tail not attenuated, tip soft and flexible; dorsal fin origin before base of pectoral fin; dorsal and anal fin rays segmented; pectoral fin well developed, its base ending above top of gill opening; pores on top rear of head.

A tropical to subtropical genus of deep water congers with 4 species; found on both sides of the Atlantic and Japan as well as our region, where there is one endemic species.