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Genus: Ariosoma, Conger Eels

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snout overhangs mouth
rear nostril: hole below mid-eye level
D origin ~ over pectoral base
D & A rays unsegmented
tail < 60% TL
blunt stiff C
flanges both lips
jaw teeth in bands
pectoral base extending above gill opening





Body stout; head and trunk ~1/2 TL; snout round, projecting a little, its length ~eye diameter; large eyes; both lips with low flanges; front nostril tubular forward pointing near tip of snout; rear nostril a small oval hole in front of and a little below middle of eye; jaw teeth small, pointed, in bands; upper edge of gill opening at middle of pectoral fin base; dorsal and anal fins continuous with the tail fin; dorsal fin begins ~over pectoral base; pectoral well developed, long, its base ends above gill opening; tip of tail blunt, stiff, with reduced tail fin; a complete lateral line.

The genus is circumtropical, with at least 22 species. The tropical eastern Pacific contains one endemic species.