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Family: CONGRIDAE, Conger Eels, Garden-Eels

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large eyes
large lips
D origin ~over pectoral
D, A & C continuous
rear nostril before eye
with pectorals
LL complete



Congers are medium sized to large eels (up to 2 m); elongate to very elongate, rounded at front, compressed behind; anus on front half of animal; large eyes; front nostril tubular, rear nostril usually on side of head in front of eye; well developed upper and lower lip flanges; small, lateral gill opening; pectoral fin present; origin of the dorsal fin over or slightly behind pectoral; tail fin continuous with the dorsal and anal fins; a complete lateral line; no scales.

The reef- dwelling congers  are generally nocturnal predators of fishes and crustaceans. The garden eels are found in large colonies that feed exclusively on plankton that is picked from passing currents.