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Family: MURAENESOCIDAE, Pike-Conger Eels

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rear nostril = large hole before center large eye
D origin ~over gill opening
D & A join C
large, sharp teeth
central roof mouth: row large triangular teeth
large pectoral
gill openings almost meet below
LL: to end tail





Pike congers are large (to ~ 2.5 m), heavy bodied predators with large teeth and strong jaws; tail ~ 60% of TL; large, skin-covered eyes; front nostril tubular; rear nostril an elliptical hole before middle of eye; teeth in multiple rows on jaws, 3 rows on roof of mouth with central row much enlarged; large teeth at front of lower jaw fit into a notch on underside of snout; gill openings large, nearly meet below; well developed pectorals centered on the upper edge of the large gill openings; well developed dorsal and anal fins confluent with tail fin, the dorsal origin over or just before the gill opening; lateral line conspicuous, runs the length of the body, opens through systems of multiple pores, no pores apparent on head.

The family is circumtropical, with 5 genera and 10 species. One endemic species is known from the tropical eastern Pacific.