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Genus: Scytalichthys, Viper Eels

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snout long, flat
eye small, at front, on top
D origin well behind pectoral
tail: ~ 1/3 TL, tip hard & finless
mouth large
teeth long, pointed
pectoral minute



Body cylindrical, elongate; tail short, ~ 1/3 of TL; head long, snake-like; snout pointed, flattened, angled down, overhanging; eyes small, at top edge of head, well forward of middle of long mouth; teeth slender, pointed, 2 series on top jaw, 1 on lower jaw; front nostril tubular, rear nostril inside mouth in upper jaw; gill openings crescent shaped, low on sides; pectoral fins very small, their bases restricted; tip of tail a hard finless point; dorsal origin well behind gill opening; lateral line along body and most of tail, pores conspicuous.

The only member in this genus is endemic to our region.