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Genus: Myrichthys, Snake-Eels

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snout conical, rounded
D origin on head
tail: > 1/2 TL, tip hard, blunt,\finless
teeth blunt
pectoral: wide base



Body elongate, cylindrical, compressed at rear; tail 58-63% of TL; snout short, conical, grooved underneath; jaws short, top one overhanging; teeth blunt, molar- like or granular, in multiple rows, those at top front and roof of mouth the largest; lips without barbells; eye moderate to large; front nostril tubular, rear opens into mouth; gill openings at side, crescent shaped, inclined up and forwards; dorsal fin origin on head behind nape, before gill opening; pectoral fin broad based, short; tip of tail a blunt, hard, finless point; lateral line complete, lines of each side of head connected by 2 canals with across top of head.

A circumtropical genus with at least 10 species; here there are 3 endemics.