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Genus: Herpetoichthys, Snake-Eels

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snout blunt
eye large
D: low, origin behind pectoral
tail: < 1/2 TL, no C
mouth long, opens at front
conspicuous barbel behind front nostril
pectoral minute, above gill opening



Elongate, cylindrical; tail a little shorter than head and trunk; snout blunt, grooved just behind front and rear nostrils; front nostril tubular, with long dangling barbel behind; rear nostril a slit below eye; eye large; mouth opens at front, long, both jaws of equal length; teeth pointed, in 2 rows on upper jaw, 1 on lower jaw, 2 large canines at front of top jaw; gill openings vertical, curved, at sides; pectoral fins very small, behind upper edge of gill opening; dorsal fin low, origin at tip or or behind pectoral fin; anal fin low; tip of tail finless.

This genus contains one species, which is endemic to our region.