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Genus: Leuropharus, Snake-Eels

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nape to snout: dense papillae
head pores raised
D: origin on head
tail tip hard, finless
snout overhanging, no groove underneath
gill openings underneath, oblique, converging
no pectorals



Elongate, compressed; head, nape, snout and lower jaw densely covered with papillae; lateral line pores on head elevated; snout pointed, overhanging, underside with complex folds but without central groove; eye small; front nostril tubular; rear nostril a slit in top lip that opens in mouth; teeth small and pointed, hidden in folds of skin, single row on jaws, none on roof of mouth, which is covered in papillae; gill openings are oblique slits on underside of throat, converging forward; gill pouch slightly expanded; dorsal and anal fins present; tip of tail a hard, finless point; dorsal fin origin on nape; no pectoral fins.

The genus contains only one species which is endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific.