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Genus: Phaenomonas, Snake-Eels

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extremely elongate, cylindrical
eye minute
D: head & neck only
tail < 1/4 TL, no C
snout overhanging
no pectorals or A





Body extremely elongate, cylindrical; tail very short, ~ 30% of TL; the only fin present is a short-based dorsal originating on head and ending on front of body; snout overhanging, blunt, grooved below; eye minute; front nostril tubular; rear nostril under edge of top lip, inside mouth; teeth small, stout, conical, in single row on jaws; ~ 5 teeth on vomer; gill openings low on side, crescentic; tip of tail a hard conical point.

A circumtropical genus, except for the eastern Indian Ocean. This genus contains 3 species; represented by 1 endemic species in the tropical eastern Pacific.