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Genus: Leptenchelys, Worm-Eels

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very elongate
top head: many papillae
D origin on head
D & A join C
tail < 1/2 TL, tip flexible, with C
snout overhanging
no pectorals
gill opening low on side, curved, axis vertical



Long, cylindrical, wormlike; tail a little shorter than head and body; top of head and snout covered with papillae; head pointed with snout projecting well beyond mouth; teeth on jaws small, conical, in single rows; front nostril tubular, points down; rear nostril on underside of top lip; eye very small; gill openings low on sides, almost vertical, curved; gill pouch puffed out;  dorsal origin on head before gill opening; pectorals absent;  tail tip flexible, tail fin confluent with dorsal and anal fins; lateral line extends onto head over eye and onto snout, branching around rear of eye and along top jaw, and with large pores along side of lower jaw.

The single member of this genus is endemic to our region.