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Genus: Gordiichthys, Horsehair Eels

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D origin on head
tail: < 1/2TL, tip hard, blunt, finless
top front teeth exposted in groove under snout
no pectorals
gill opening: axis oblique low on side,



Body very elongate (depth <1.5% of TL), cylindrical; tail 41-48% of TL, with a blunt, finless tip; snout short, overhanging; underside of snout with a central groove that exposes protruding teeth; eye small; front nostril not protruding but may partly set off  by a curved groove on the underside of the snout; rear nostril a vertical slit at level of eye opening into mouth; jaws short, lower jaw not reaching front nostril; lips without barbels; teeth small, conical, in single series on jaws; gill opening crescentic, low on side; dorsal fin origin on head; median fins low, extending nearly to finless tail tip; no pectoral fins; lateral line complete, lines of each side of head connected by 2 canals with across top of head.

A neotropical to warm temperate genus with 5 species; one in the eastern Pacific and endemic to our region.