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Genus: Uropterygius, Snake-Morays

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rear nostril - hole/short tube over center eye
D & A: low crests on rear of tail
tail: ~ 1/2 TL, point blunt



Slender, moderately elongate, compressed at rear; tail slightly longer than head & trunk, with blunt tip; snout short, ~ conical; eye moderate, over middle of jaws; front nostril tubular; rear nostril a hole or short tube above front half of eye; gill opening a small slit at ~ mid side; pores above & below eye, along lower jaw, before/above gill opening; teeth conical, slender, sharp, often in multiple rows on jaws; dorsal & anal fins present as skin covered ridges near tip of tail; lateral line pores absent except for 1-2 (usually) pores above and before gill opening.

A circumtropical genus of ~ 21 species; represented in our region by 2 Indo-Pacific species and 2 endemics.