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Genus: Gunterichthys, Brotulas

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head pores large
LL 2-3 parts
D & A not joined to C
side of top jaw - knob underneath before end
5-7 long gill rakers
opercular spine weak, hidden

Head large, deep; body elongate, compressed, decreasing to slender tail base; front nostril low on snout, closer to lip than is rear nostril; lower end of top jaw with a knob below, well before top rear corner; large pores along lower and upper jaws, and on top of head, pore at top corner of operculum tubular; 3 pores at lower corner of preoperculum; opercular spine weak, visible; 5-7 elongate gill rakers; no central tooth patch at bottom of gill arches; pelvic fin a relatively short filament, inserted under rear part of gill cover; tail fin not joined to dorsal and anal fins; lateral line in 2-3 parts; scales small, imbedded, covering body, but barely overlapping; head scaleless or with a few scales on cheek; male copulatory organ with a penis and 1 pair of large pseudoclaspers at its base, all covered by a fleshy hood.

A neotropical genus with three known species; two of which occur in and are endemic to our region.