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Genus: Ferdauia, Jacks, Crevalles, Trevallies, Pompanos

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Body a deep, compressed oval
pectoral > head
D & A - no finlets behind
both jaws - a band of teeth
breast scaleless area to pelvic base, not connected to scaleless area on pectoral base
rear straight part LL - 19-41 scutes




Body a deep, compressed elongate oval in adults; both jaws with a band of teeth; center of roof of mouth with a triangular tooth patch; 1st dorsal fin VI-VIII; 2nd dorsal fin 26-34, higher than 1st dorsal; anal fin 21-27; dorsal and anal fins not followed by finlets; pectoral longer than head; tail base slender; tail strongly forked; breast with scaleless area that reaches to pelvic base but is not connected to scaleless area on pectoral base; lateral line with19-41 scutes (large, hard spiny scales) on straight rear part but not curved front part.

An IndoPacific genus with two species, one species in our area.