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Family: PTERELEOTRIDAE, Hover Gobies, Dart-Fishes

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D IV-VI + I, 9-37
mouth ~ vertical, lower jaw protrudes
pelvics I, 4-5, nearly separate
A I, 9-36







Hover or dart gobies have elongate, compressed bodies; head strongly compressed; mouth nearly vertical, lower jaw protruding; teeth canine-like; in 2 rows; dorsal fin IV-VI (flexible spines) + I, 9-36; anal fin I, 9-36; pelvic fins nearly separate I, 4-5; small, embedded, mainly smooth scales (except for a few rough scales on the rear body in some species); no lateral line.

Dartfishes live in burrows in sand bottoms, above which they hover while feeding mainly on zooplankton.

The Ptereleotridae contains five genera and ~ 35 species. In our region there is one endemic species of Ptereleotris.