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Genus: Cottoclinus, Intermediary Blennies

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cirri: small, branched, on nostrils, eyes & nape
D: XXI, 10; spines lower than rays
breast & belly scaleless
A: I; rays thick, membranes cut to bases



Body moderately elongate; head bulbous, slightly depressed; eyes high on head; nasal, eye and nape cirri small, branched; top rear corner of top jaw inserts in a cheek pouch; lips fleshy, lower lip with free ventral flap connected to chin; teeth conical, stout, slightly curved; lower front teeth enlarged; teeth on center of roof of mouth only; dorsal fin XX-XXI, 10, spines soft, flexible, low, about equal height, lower than and more than soft rays, last three spines shorter, forming a distinct notch between spines and rays; anal fin with I spine, soft rays thickened, with fleshy tips, membranes between soft rays notched nearly to base of rays; all fin rays unbranched; breast and belly without scales; rear of scales with membranous pockets.

This genus contains a single species known only from two specimens collected in the Galapagos Islands.