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Genus: Lupinoblennius, Blennies

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eye: 1 unbranched cirrus
D: no notch after spines
1 canine rear of both jaws
gill opening wide, not restricted to side



Body and head compressed; a single unbranched cirrus over eye, no cirri on nape; jaw teeth in single rows, fixed, bluntly pointed, with a canine tooth at rear of top and bottom jaws, canines larger in males; gill opening broad, membranes free, forming a transverse flap under throat; dorsal fin with XII spines, without a notch between spiny and soft parts, 13-15 rays; fin rays unbranched, except on tail fin; lateral line in two parts, lower part short, along midline starting above anal fin origin; no scales.

This genus, with 4 known species, is restricted to the tropical West Atlantic (the greater Caribbean and Brazil). One Caribbean species has passed through the Panama Canal and established a population at the Pacific entrance to that canal.