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Genus: Paranebris, Croakers

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C long, rhomboidal
toothless notch - front top jaw
top & bottom teeth not touching
preoperculum covered with skin





Elongate, somewhat compressed body; head large, triangular, with long blunt snout; eye small; mouth large (extends just past eye), lower jaw slightly projecting; tip of lower jaw with 2 pores and a central knob; toothless skin-covered gap at front of top jaws; teeth short, conical to flat, tightly packed in a patch that is like sandpaper to touch, tooth bands on top jaw do not converge at front, those on bottom jaw do, when mouth is closed top jaw tooth bands are exposed at each side and enclose the lower jaw, hence the teeth of the top and bottom jaws do not touch; gill rakers long and slender on sides, short and knob-like in center; preopeculum margin smooth; a bony scaly flap over top edge of gill cover; dorsal fin X, 21; anal fin with short base, II short spines, 8 rays; tail fin long, rhomboidal; pectoral moderately long, extends slightly beyond tip of pelvic; scales large, rough on body and fins, smooth on head (except a few rough scales on opercle), dorsal and anal with 1-2 rows of scales along base; lateral line scales with pores that have branching canals.

A genus with a single species, which is endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific.