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Genus: Peprilus, Butterfishes, Harvestfishes

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deep oval
D II-IV, spines leaf-like
pelvics reduced to spine



Body highly compressed, an elongate oval; eye with a fatty ring around it; snout short; mouth small, oblique, ends before or under front of eye; jaw teeth compressed, 3-pointed, in 1 row, no teeth on roof of mouth; dorsal and anal fins long based, with II-IV small, flattened, leaf-like spines, front lobes variously elongate, curved if long; no pelvic fins but a small spine projecting from pelvis; pectoral fins long and pointed; tail fin deeply forked, stiff; scales very small, smooth, very easily shed; dorsal and anal fins covered with scales lateral line high, follows upper body profile, almost complete.

A new world tropical to temperate genus with 7 species; 4 endemic species in the eastern Pacific, with 3 in our region.