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Genus: Ilypnus, Gobies

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slender, compressed
mouth slightly oblique
D1: usually V
shoulder: 1-3 skin flaps
pelvics = cup
scales: smooth, tiny, imbedded, on body only



Body slender, compressed; tongue tip in 2 lobes; mouth slightly oblique, top jaw reaches under middle of eye; shoulder girdle before base of pectoral fin with 1-2 skin flaps; dorsal fin V (IV-VII) + I, 15-19 rays; anal fin I, 14-17 rays; pelvics form a cup, inserted under base of pectoral fin; scales very small, smooth, imbedded in skin, absent on head, nape, throat and base of pectoral.

An northeastern Pacific subtropical to temperate genus with 2 species; one endemic to our region, and one north-temperate species entering our region.