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Genus: Gillichthys, Mudsuckers, Mudsucker Gobies

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head long, depressed
eyes small
D1: usually VI
jaws very long, lower reaches operculum
pelvics = disc
pectoral: top ray partly free
scales small, imbedded
skin with thick mucous



Body moderately elongate, compressed; head large (> 25% TL) broad, depressed; eyes small, far apart; jaws very long - lower extends ½ way to gill opening, upper to gill opening; preopercle covered with skin; teeth small, conical, 4-5 rows on each jaw; first dorsal fin low and rounded, VI (IV-VIII) spines; anal fin with short base; pectoral broad, rounded, top ray may be partly free of rest of fin; pelvics form disc; tail rounded; scales small (80-100 rows along side), imbedded, rough in juveniles, mainly smooth in adults; skin covered with thick mucous.

An eastern Pacific subtropical to temperate genus with 3 species, all of which occur in our region.