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Genus: Gobulus, Gobies

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head depressed, body compressed
color inverted: darker below
pelvics = flat plate
no scales



Slender, compressed body; distinctly depressed head; head without pores; mouth small, opens at front, oblique, lower jaw projecting, top jaw not extending beyond eye; teeth in bands on jaws, no canines; longitudinal and vertical rows of papillae on cheeks; gill membranes broadly joined to body under throat, with 5 rays; dorsal fin VII + I, 9-13; length of 2nd dorsal base > distance from 2nd dorsal base to tail fin; anal fin I, 7-12; pelvic fins I, 5, frenum between spines absent or present as a thin membrane, with a well developed membrane connecting at least 1/3 of length of inner rays, all rays unbranched, not extending past anus, fins form a flat plate; tail fin short, rounded; no scales; no lateral line; color pattern inverted (pale above and dark below).

A neotropical genus with 4 species; 1 in the west Atlantic, 3 in the east Pacific.