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Genus: Synchiropus, Dragonets

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large eyes on top pointed head
D1: IV
LL extends onto C
gill opening = small pore on side
preopercle: large, curved, hooked spine
no scales



Elongate body; long, slightly depressed head; eye large; snout short (< eye length), pointed; mouth small, top jaw protrusible, mouth angles down when open; preopercular spine large, with up curved main tip, and up to 11 points along its top side; no opercular spine; gill opening small, oval, low on side; 1st  dorsal IV, soft dorsal fin rays branched; pectorals large, rounded; pelvics I, 5, inserted under throat before pectorals, each connected to pectoral by a membrane; lateral line complete, extends onto tail fin; no scales.

A circumtropical genus with almost 34 species; 1 is endemic to our region.