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Genus: Ophioblennius, Fanged Blennies

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cirri: nape - 1 pair bunches, eye - 1 simple
D: no notch
LL: 2 overlapping sections
large canine at rear bottom jaw
gill opening wide, not restricted to side



Elongate, compressed; short blunt head with steep front profile; single cirri at nostril and eye, and two bunches on nape; teeth numerous, movable, a large, curved canine tooth at rear on each side of lower jaw; gill openings wide, open below body; dorsal fin XII, without notch between spiny & soft parts; fin rays unbranched, except on tail fin; lateral line in 2 disconnected, overlapping parts, second part short, with 10 or fewer tubes; no scales.

A tropical to subtropical genus with 5 species, found in the east and west Atlantic as well as our region, where it is represented by 2 endemic species.