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Genus: Ekemblemaria, Tube-Blennies

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eye cirri: 1 pair branched
snout & cheek rough but no spines
pelvics < pectorals



Elongate, head short, blunt; bones on snout and under eyes pitted & rough, but without spines or bony ridges; no longitudinal bony ridges on snout; 1 palm-like cirrus over eye, none on nape; 1 row of teeth on each side of roof of mouth; dorsal fin XXVII, 11, without notch between spiny and soft parts; pelvic fins shorter than pectorals, I (internal), 2-3, inserted before pectoral base; all fin rays unbranched; no lateral line; no scales.

A neotropical genus with 3 species; 2 endemics in our region.