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Genus: Xenomedea, Blennies

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cirri: simple, nape & eye
D: 8-11 rays, front not high, notch after last spines
A: male - 1st spine short, free = sex organ
A: base with fleshy ridge



Body elongate; pointed head with oblique mouth; short unbranched cirrus at nostril, over eye and on nape; teeth on front but not sides of roof of mouth; dorsal fin XX-XXIII, 8-11, notch between spines and rays; anal rays II, 18-22, first anal spine much shorter than 2nd  in male; male with fleshy folds around genital papilla & front of anal fin base; female  with ridge from anus along each side of anal fin base to level of 2nd  soft ray; total (right and left) pectoral rays 24-28 (usually 26); lateral-line scales 39-45.

The single species in this genus is endemic to our region.