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Genus: Starksia, Blennies

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cirri simple: nostrils, eyes & nape
D: 7-10 rays, front not high, notch after last spines
A: male - 1st spine long, free, = sex organ
A: base without fleshy crest



Body elongate, compressed; bluntly pointed head; nostril, eye and nape usually with cirri, those unbranched, sometimes leaf-like; dorsal fin XVIII, 6-10 soft rays, front not high, a notch between spines and rays; 1st anal spine of male long, free from rest of fin, modified as sexual organ; no ridge or fold along anal fin base; pectorals usually 13-14, central rays not long; pelvic fins with I internal spine, usually 2 soft rays, inserted before pectoral base; all fin rays unbranched; lateral line continuous, front section arched, rear section straight, 12-18 + 18-25; smooth scales on rear of body.

A neotropical genus of 29 species; 9 endemics occur in the eastern Pacific, 7 of them in our region.