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Genus: Paraclinus, Blennies

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cirri simple/branched: nostrils, eyes & nape
D: 0-1 rays, front high, deep notch after 3rd spine
operculum with well defined spine



Elongate, snout bluntly pointed; cirri on nostrils, over eyes and on nape, simple or branched; opercle with a distinct spiny projection; dorsal fin composed primarily of flexible spines, with only 0-1 rays, front 3 spines elevated then a deep notch before 4th spine; pelvic fins with I internal spine, 2-3 soft rays, inserted before pectoral base; all fin rays unbranched; lateral line complete, continuous, arched over pectoral fin; smooth scales on rear of body.

A neotropical genus with 23 species; 13 endemics occur in our area.