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Genus: Dactylagnus, Sand-Stargazers

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head large, deep
D: continuous, origin over anus



Body compressed, tapering to tail; head large, deep, bluntly rounded to oblique at front; eyes on top of head, not stalked; tubular nostrils; mouth upturned, with a protruding lower jaw, lower jaw not pointed; both lips with skin flaps; upper part of operculum with a frill of skin flaps; dorsal and anal fins with long bases; dorsal fin continuous, origin about over anal origin; pelvic fins inserted under throat, each with I, 3, rays thickened and free at the tips; lateral line continuous, bends down under 6th-8th dorsal spine; scales large, smooth, 2-3 rows between apex of lateral line arch and dorsal fin; head and belly scaleless.

A neotropical genus with three species; two in and endemic to our region.