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Genus: Enneanectes, Triplefins

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eye: 1 short broad cirrus
spines on top head & upper operculum edge
operculum & belly scaled
LL in 2 sections



Head moderate, body slender; a short, broad cirrus over eye, no cirri on nape; no teeth on sides of roof of mouth; top of head and upper opercular margin spiny; 3 dorsal fins: III + X-XIII + 7-10, normally some soft rays branched; anal soft rays14-20; pelvics I (imbedded), 2; scales medium to large, 29-36 in longitudinal series; operculum with or without a patch of rough scales; body scales rough; lateral line in 2 straight, slightly overlapping sections, scales on front part pored (10-17), those on rear part notched (16-22).

A neotropical genus with 10 species; 5 endemics occur in our area.