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Genus: Crocodilichthys, Triplefins

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over eye - a few small spines & tiny papillae, no cirrus
head & belly scaleless
LL in 2 sections



Body long, slender; top of head smooth, except for a few weak spines along top of eye; no cirrus over eye, but extremely small papillae present; no teeth on sides of roof of mouth; dorsal fin III + XVII + 12-13, segmented rays branched except first and last 3-5 rays; anal fin I-II, 25-26; pelvic fin rays separated; lateral line in 2 straight sections, front part with 19-20 tubed scales, rear part with 17-23 notched scales; scales small, absent on head, breast, belly, and pectoral-fin base; 44-47 lateral scale rows.

The single species in this genus is endemic to the tropical eastern Pacific.